The Compassion Project

jonThe Mountain Road School Compassion Project is a transformative experience for children.  More than a stand-alone unit, it is infused into all aspects of the classroom environment and offers a continual invitation for children to connect with the highest good in themselves and others.  
Developed by Master Teacher Jon Stevens, it draws from such diverse fields as neuroscience, ecology, religion, and philosophy.  It is also deeply informed by the teachings of the Dalai Lama and
Native American cultures. 
The three practices of observation, awareness, and action are taught using techniques like breathwork, mindfulness, and self-evaluation. Children gradually begin to see the many ways in which they are interdependent and connected – with each other, the environment, their family, and the greater community. They learn firsthand, that what affects one, affects the whole. Concepts such as Growth or Fixed Mindset give children insight into their own belief systems and how they, and others, navigate the world. It provides lifelong tools for living that go far beyond the classroom.

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