Parent involvement is greatly expected and encouraged. Parents are a vital component of the Mountain Road Empty Bowls Eatingcommunity and are invited to share with the school any special skill they may have. This has ranged from Ukrainian egg decorating and Gingerbread House workshops to storytelling and African drumming as well as sign language, chess club, music instruction, assisting in the classroom and accompanying field trips. Younger siblings are always welcome to join in school events and celebrations.

Parents may also meet their participation requirements by serving on the school’s Board,  or on one of our committees: development, sunshine, recruitment and retention or hiring. Parents also help with our Work Days, fundraising activities, Theater Program, Open Houses, Tea and Tour Tuesdays,  grant writing, computer and website updating, public relations, and evening Parent Nights or programs.

“Mountain Road School offers much of what I would hope to provide as a home schooling parent: child-led learning, respect for children, spiritual aspect. We like the family-like nature of the school – its small size, lots of parental involvement.”

“You are not the only one who believes that your child is special and important.”

Parent Handbook current 2013


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