Our innovative school-wide program makes nature based education and integral part of the curriculum.  On “Nature Days,” once a week each semester for six consecutive weeks, school students spend the majority of their academic day outside, and the woods and nature become their classroom.

The outdoor nature curriculum stimulates art, science, social studies, and writing projects in the classroom. It  also inspires younger children to look to older students for excellent role modeling and mentoring in earth skills and naturalist knowledge.

Nature asks us to face the consequences of our actions, building emotional, physical, and spiritual resilience. Being in nature has a positive and lasting impact on our independence, leadership, and ability to communicate with others; it vastly improves self-awareness and self-confidence. We become healthier, happier, brighter human beings, better suited to building community and protecting our natural world.

Scientists, psychologists and sociologists have found that outdoor play and nature education offer numerous health benefits. These include improved motor function and brain development, enhanced energy, and a reduction of ADHD and ADD. When we spend time in nature, we increase our emotional and physical health, vitality, and mental acuity.






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