The Arts


The arts develop and enhance student’s creativity and their creative talents.  The arts are present in our everyday life and many of our decisions are affected by our own artistic judgment: the clothes we wear, what music we listen to, the decor of our homes, classrooms, gardens, etc…. The arts have always been an integral part of our everyday life as each day we act on our own sense of design,color, texture, shape, pattern, order, movement, line, and scale. Even if on a very small scale, we often try to touch on many of these different artistic ways in our school. The arts develop motors skills, broaden vision and our sense of beauty and enhance every aspect of students’ lives.

The visual arts curriculum is designed with the children’s development in mind.  The program is designed to give students the vocabulary to talk about art from the earliest ages through 8th grade, growing in complexity and sophistication as they move through the grades.  The preschool and kindergarten art curriculum is designed to give the children a foundation in the vocabulary of art while being very much a process-oriented class.  Children are given materials with the idea that they will explore and create with few restrictions on the outcome of the work.  The lower elementary students focus on Storytelling through their art and proper care of the materials and classroom.  Upper Elementary students focus on creative expression, while learning techniques to improve their drawing skills and hand/eye coordination. Middle schoolers learn to thoroughly critique artwork of their own, their peers, and famous artists.  They also practice drawing and painting in depth.  The art program is designed to instill a love of art and to instill one’s confidence in their concept and creation from the earliest ages which will carry through the early adolescent years.

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