At Mountain Road School we celebrate and create opportunities for vibrant learning.  In our community we:

  • Embody a culture of compassion
  • Inspire critical and creative thinking
  • Learn and teach responsively through emergent curriculum
  • Develop resilience by cultivating a clear and steady approach to challenges
  • Nourish the reciprocity between the human and natural world


A Focus on Emergent Curriculum

* A successful emergent curriculum approach means that teachers thoughtfully plan the environment, offering many visible choices, based on the children’s skills and needs.

* Teachers conduct observations and plan based on their observations of children. Teachers practicing emergent curriculum also utilize reflective practice, taking time to reflect and act on their observations of children.

* Emergent Curriculum is intentional. That is, using children’s ideas and theories and actions as a starting point, and then being very intentional, thoughtful, and responsive in reaction to those ideas.

Why does Emergent Curriculum Work?

* When curriculum is planned based on the children’s interest they become more engaged. From here the learning becomes exciting and the effects are wide spread.

“As educators, we all know how to ‘read’ whether children are truly engaged in the project, or not. They communicate through their actions, words, responses (or lack of!), and their pure passion for the topic…when the passion is there, the investigation deepens, and we begin yet another journey of deep learning.” ~Susan Stacey

* A teacher of emergent curriculum is always reflecting back on the days spent with the children. Asking questions and documenting such things as:

* What worked- how to continue this or deepen the learning?

* What didn’t work?

* What do the children want to know more of?

Through this constant reflection teachers are able to understand how the children are learning best and what is keeping this engagement we so desire.

* Emergent curriculum offers a sense of community. The children’s voices are heard through morning meetings and much more and there is increased communication, through documentation, and with parents to involve the entire family in their child’s education. An emergent classroom is also often physically rearranged to fit where children are developmentally and also to be conducive to safe, challenging, and joyful learning.



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