Legacy Campaign Donors

donor tree
Gracious thanks to everyone who has donated to the Hand House Legacy Campaign

Journeymen (donations between $1,000-$10,000)

Margaret Becker
Toby Bilanow and Stephen McNabb
Joanna Ezinga
Farid Gruber
Randy Harris
Ellen and Eric Harris-Braun
Gary and Kathleen Millett
June Ross
Sidney and Beatrice Albert Foundation
The Estate of George Rickey
The Brabson Foundation

 Apprentices (donations between $501-$1,000)

Hayat Abuza
George Scheanshang
Bernard and Patricia Stevens
Abraham and Halima Sussman

Laborer (donations up to $500)

Bill and Jean Aaron
Bruce Baldwin and  Jeanette Tonetti
Jalil and Ariana Buechel
Dan Corral
David Cullen
John DiStasio
Dan Dropkin-Frank
Robin Dropkin and Chip Frank
Cynthia and Peter Gray
Lisa Herb and Peter Zahler
Homebuyers Publication
Dallas and Gayatri Hull
Fred Jonas
Aziz Kommel
Hanan Levin
Sandy Lord
Kathryn Montogmery
Marylynn and Gus Murray
New Lebanon Historical Society
Emma Parrish Post
Cindy Parrish and Jon Post
Cybele Paschel
Julia Pomeroy and John Gregory
Brin Quell
Suzanne Riccio
Philip Rickey
Karen Ross
Fred Rube
Joel Seamon
Gail and Ray Sheridan
Barbara Teal
Regina Trantel and Brian Quinn
Richard and Donna Trantel
Helen and Fred Wallbank
Regina Walter
Gennifer Westover
Carol and Bob Williams
Russell and Jean Wheeler
Sharon Woodside
Bill and Nancy Zimmerman

Architects of Success (in-kind donations)

Chris Billingham
Clark Engineering
Joanna Ezinga
Betsy Feathers
Colby Gail
Ed Herrington’s Inc.
Steve Kolonics
Erin Moore
Norreen Opper
Anne Undeland
Dion Robbins-Zust

We make every effort to include the names of everyone who has participated in making the Hand House a home but if have inadvertently left your name off the list or misspelled it, please contact the school at info@mountainroadschool.org

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