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All the News from Mountain Road – September 26, 2017
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  • Wednesday September 27:  Goal Setting Conferences (No School) CHILDCARE AVAILABLE DURING YOUR CONFERENCE
  • Monday October 9: Indigenous People Day (No School) 
  • Friday October 20: Staff Development Day (No School)
  • Saturday October 21: Open House and Pumpkin Carving 1-4pm
  • Friday October 27: Lantern Walk 
Chickadee Clan
The Chickadees have been taking a lot of time getting to know each other. We have played games, sung songs, and played lots! This week we did a lot of apple exploration. We did apple printing, apple drawing, apple tasting (honey crisp was our favorite) and we also made apple sauce for our potluck! It was delicious!
Salt Lamp
Beeswax Crayons
Gender non-specific Dress Up Clothes
Child-sized broom and dustpan
Silk Scarves
Black Bear Clan
The Black Bears have had an amazing start to the school year. Creating routine, agreements, and getting to know each other and our spaces has filled most of our days. We have also REALLY enjoyed watching our monarchs work their way through their incredible life cycle. Reading stories is another Black Bear favorite! Check out our reading tree to see just how many books we have already read.

Easy to use CD player
Small items for sorting activities
Dress-up clothes
River Otter and Red Fox Clan
The Otters and Foxes were so excited and happy to go on an impromptu field trip to our neighbor’s field on Monday.
Mr. Coon instructed the students on how to use an excavator.  Foxes took turns moving the excavator (with adult supervision,) digging and dumping.
The Foxes have also been building their democratic community.  We have spent the first few weeks of school creating our class agreements.  We spent some time building consensus on what these agreements look like and sound like as well as what appropriate consequences should be if these agreements are broken.  The Foxes worked very hard using their communication skills and patience to come to these agreements.
Looking for Substitute Teachers
Do you or someone you know have an interest in joining our list of substitute teachers?  We are looking for subs for classroom teachers, specials teachers (art, Spanish, music), and aftercare.  Certified teachers are welcome of course, but certification is not required.  Please inquire in the office or by emailing Yaqin at
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