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All the News from Mountain Road – January 22, 2018
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  • Wednesday January 24– PIZZA DAY (please send in your sign up forms with your payment as soon as possible!) 
  • Friday January 26– SKI CLUB
  • Thursday February 1– Mid-Year Parent Teacher Conferences (your teacher will contact you with a schedule) NO SCHOOL; Childcare is available during your conference.

    Maple Syrup: Parents who have experience in and/or equipment for gathering maple sap please email Yaqin ( We are looking into making maple syrup with the children at school.

The Chickadees returned from winter break excited to be back at school! We worked together to measure mix and make our own play dough! We have also began to learn about stories to prepare for Authors Tea. We have been reading books by Leo Lionni and talking about how each story has a beginning, middle and end as well as a title. We used the beautiful story stones Nellie created to take turns making up our own stories. We also went around the circle adding a sentence to my sentence about snakes to create a silly story about some snakes who had a party in a volcano!
Black Bears
The Black Bears came back from our holiday break and dove right into a new unit on outer space! They have excitedly began planet journals and are using many library books for research. We have also created writing pieces where they designed their own planet as well as thought about what it would be like to meet an alien. Black bears even took their creative planet pieces to big circle to share and then create more with their school buddy. If that wasn’t enough we have begun to create the planets we have studied using paper mache. We plan to turn our classroom into outer space!
River Otters
We are back in action in the Otter room! Before winter break we all agreed that we would like to spend our Friday mornings working on exciting science experiments and keeping a science journal so that we can go back to look at our results. The past week we chose to make clouds in a jar with shaving cream and food dye. We loved watching how the “rain” would go through the cloud and make the water different colors. We realized that the yellow food dye dissolved much faster in the water than the other colors we used. It was a blast trying to saturate the clouds with all the colors of dye!
Red Foxes
The Foxes have completed their unit on Compassion Theater by presenting the overarching concepts at Big Circle.  The Foxes worked tremendously hard identifying and then articulating the main ideas behind our compassion work.  They wrote scripts, researched compassion stories and rehearsed scenarios to illustrate our work.  This is work that requires stamina as well as keeping the good of the group in mind.  each student found ways to contribute to this project and collaborated extensively this week.  I’m not sure I can put into words how grateful and proud I am of these loving and dedicated students.  Well done Foxes!!!!
Gray Wolves
Rowan and Evelyn, along with alumnus Holden Loverin, traveled with Betsy and Liz and Liz’s alumna daughter, Miller to Seneca Falls, NY meeting up with Miller’s good friend, Rebecca for the 2018 Women’s March.
Over 15,000 people gathered in this historic village- truly an awe inspiring scene- and while there were a uncountable number of different slogans and signs, one resonate message was woven throughout- this is what democracy looks like.  Our middle schoolers stood on the corner where, in 1848, the first convention for Women’s Rights was held and thought about how far we have come from the Declaration of Sentiments, and about how far we can go with the power of people like the ones out in force on January 20.  It was a humbling experience and the kids will never forget it.
Pizza Day 2.0
We are into the second half of the year which means it is time to sign up again for Wednesday’s Pizza Lunch.  Please fill out the attached form and return with your payment by Wednesday.  Thanks!
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