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All the News from Mountain Road – March 19, 2018
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  • Wednesday March 21: LOTS OF SOCKS- World Down Syndrome Day
  • Friday March 235:30-7:30 PM Cabin Fever Dance Party!  $10 per family
  • Thursday March 29: Author’s Tea (watch your classroom newsletters for times)
  • Friday March 30: No School
  • Monday April 2- Friday April 6: No School
Lots of Socks: World Down Syndrome Day
Wednesday March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day!  You may already know our friend, Joey, who is a Chickadee student who is a member of the group of people with an extra chromosome.  In Joey’s honor, and in recognition of all people with Down Syndrome, we encourage mismatched socks on Wednesday!  The wilder the better!

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Wanted: Yard Work Helper
Lisa Herb is looking to hire someone to do some gardening/yard work this spring (once the snow melts!)  She is offering $15/hour and expects there to be about 5 hours work, with the possibility of more depending on conditions.  If you or someone you know has a green thumb and can help, please email Lisa at
The Chickadees are working really hard on writing their stores and making their books for Authors Tea night on March 29th. We have begun practicing telling them out loud to our audience as well as practicing being a quiet respectful audience.
The snow has made it tough for us to get in the woods with our little legs so we helped Dan and the Black Bears in making a fort in the field. It took lots of digging strength and when it was done we had so much fun taking turns crawling through!
Black Bears
Books, books, books!  The Black Bears are busy editing their story for any last changes before it goes to print! We are then taking the hand sewn and bound books the kids made in art and adding in their story and illustrations. We will then create a cover and title page as well as practice telling our story to small groups. Authors’ Tea is coming up March 29th!
River Otters
The otter clan loves celebrating all of the wonderful holidays that happen during our school year! St. Patrick’s Day was such a fun holiday for us to be creative and to use our building skills. In our classroom we have been learning about simple machines and where we can find them in our daily lives. Some of our otters used inclined planes, levers, or pulleys to create their leprechaun traps. Unfortunately we didn’t catch a leprechaun but we definitely came to school with a messy classroom. We are going to be continuing our exploration of simple machines and using our hands to build with them! During one of our science Fridays we were able to use some common classroom materials to create catapults that would make a plastic butterfly soar into the air. Although each one of us made different catapults, we had a great time really thinking about and building these machines.
Red Foxes
AS Author’s Tea approaches, students are focusing on editing their stories for punctuation, capitalization, spelling.  They will share out their stories this week to hear feedback from their peers.  They are also creating the physical books for their stories.  Foxes with Wolves had a table reading of our play, The Three Perspectives.  Foxes are very excited to help bring this show to life.  They are beginning to memorize their lines.  (The off book deadline is Tuesday, Mar 27th.)  We have also begun rehearsing the play as well.  Students are working together to tell the story of the play.  As a canine collaborative we will present a reading of the play to the school during an extended Big Circle on Friday, Mar 23rd at 9:00.  As always you are all welcome!
Summer Camp
Register Now For Summer Camp!
It’s Winter outside, but our Camp Team has Summer in mind. Each day the light is growing a little longer and before you know it, Summer will be upon us. Now is the time to start preparing to renew friendships, explore the woods, and discover new adventures at Mountain Road School Summer Camp.
Registration for Summer 2018 is open on our website now. We’ve streamlined the registration process into a new online form, eliminating the old stack of paperwork. The process is simple, go to our website to see dates and tuition information. Once you’re there, click on the registration link and complete a form for each child you are registering. Payment information will be sent to your email. Registrations with payment completed before June 1, 2018 are eligible for a 10% camp tuition discount, so register now!
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