Calling all Alumni!  We LOVE hearing what our alums are up to since they’ve left Mountain Road, and we would love to know where you are.  Please email us answers to the following questions or find us on Facebook! Read below to rediscover old friends or reflect on your own experience here at Mountain Road School. Most of these were collected during our 35th reunion in 2009.

Dates you attended MRS
What are you doing now?
What is one way you benefited from attending MRS?
What memory (or memories) would you like to share?


Name: Elena Rossi-Snook

Dates you attended MRS: Unless you’ve heard from the Canaan MRS Crew, I could possibly be your oldest student alumna; I was at Mountain Road beginning as a kindergartner in the Stephentown house and graduated as a 5th grader from the Abode.

What are you doing now? I’m the film archivist for the 16mm film collection of The New York Public Library.  I teach film history at Pratt Institute and am fortunate to have been asked recently to contribute to a book on the history of educational film.  A few years ago I had a short documentary I made show at the Tribeca Film Festival.  I got married last July.  I live in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn.  And I really really miss being in an environment where you’re told it’s okay for a chicken and Batman and bicycle stuntwomen to co-exist in the end-of-year play! (MRS, Stephentown circa 1983)

What is one way you benefited from going to MRS? My education at Mountain Road has been invaluable.  Even now, as a 31-year-old, I am indebted to the creativity, tolerance, eclecticism and intelligence that was ingrained in me during my primary school years. Many thanks and much love to Judy, Melissa, Akeba and all the great educators at MRS.


Name: Sunbow Dov Amdur
Dates attended MRS: 1978-1980
What are you doing now? I am living in Taos , New Mexico as a designer contractor
What is a memory you would like to share? “Mango Man” with Rory Block!   Pageant!

Name: Anna Amrita Rohrs

Age: 31

Dates attended MRS: 1987-1990 (~~3rd, 4th, 5th grades)


Name: Marcus Perman

Age: 29

Dates attended MRS: 1985? – 1993

What are you doing now? I live and work in Seattle, WA. I am the director of research at Tsadra Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that supports the advanced study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism. I did my B.A. at St. Lawrence University in Canton, N.Y., and my M.A. at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. I lived in Tibet for a while, studying Tibetan language. I continue to rock climb when I can and keep a connection with Mother Nature in that way.

What is one way you benefited from going to MRS? I would not trade my education at Mountain Road for anything. Whenever I think back on my life at the Abode, I remember Mountain Road School. If I have kids I would love them to be able to grow up within such a wonderful community. I think that the most important, specific way I benefited from going to MRS is that I can look within myself and find a groundedness that most other people I meet in the world at large don’t experience. This is perhaps “something you can’t teach,” but it is something you can nurture, and that is what Mountain Road did for me.


Name: Amertah Perman

Age: 27

Dates attended MRS: 1985? – 1994

What are you doing now?

I am a program administrator at UC San Diego Extension – the community and continuing education branch of UC San Diego. I work in the department of Arts, Humanities, and Languages. I just returned to the US from living in China where I worked for an international artists residency program. I have a BA in Interpersonal Intercultural Communication from SUNY New Paltz and a MA in International Education from SIT Graduate Institute in VT.

I spend the majority of my free time riding my bike and making small creatures with yarn, wool, fabric, and felt.

What is one way you benefited from going to MRS? There are so many wonderful ways that I have benefited from growing up at MRS. The most life shaping though is the desire to continuously learn, explore, and be open to new wonders. MRS taught me that learning was fun and healthy. I was encouraged me to be creative in my learning and in my personal expression. To this day, I hold these beliefs as central to my worldview and work hard to be open and creative in all that I do.


Name: Ethan Roland

Age: 27

Dates attended MRS: ??? 1st-4th grade

What are you doing now? Permaculture & Ecological Design, Gaia University Northeast

What is one way you benefited from going to MRS? Direct nature-connection integrated into our curriculum. Mentoring from teachers and each other. Immersion in a functioning community. All these are foundational for the regenerative ecological & social design work that is now my life.


Name: Tierney (Raychell) Rosenstock

Age: 25

Dates attended MRS: 1994-1997

What are you doing now? I expect to graduate in May from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with degree in Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences. I have been accepted to the Conservation Biology program at Antioch New England graduate school and will be attending fall 2010

What is one way you benefited from going to MRS? The sense and importance of the community setting and the individualized attention to nurture and encourage my potential.


Name: Josh Weiner

Age: 23

Dates attended MRS: 1991-1997

What are you doing now? I’m a second year Ph.D student at Dartmouth college identifying novel treatments of osteoporosis and osteosarcomas

What is one way you benefited from going to MRS? I acquired a global perspective that has allowed me to communicate with my peers with an understanding of their beliefs and cultures.


Name: Ruslan Sprague

Age: 19

Dates attended MRS: 2001 – 2003

What are you doing now? I am in my final year at Monument Mountain Regional High School in Great Barrington, Mass. In the fall I think I will be going to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where I can dance.

What is one way you benefited from going to MRS? I learned that it is okay for children to play, and that they can learn while they are playing.  Before MRS, I had a bad experience in a strict private school where I was always the bad kid. Regina taught me to write and to value serenity.


Name: Thea Ezinga

Age: 17

Dates attended MRS: 1996-2004

What are you doing now? I am a Junior at Darrow School, where I am involved in the drama and diversity clubs, play tennis in the spring, and hope to have a role in the student government in my upcoming Senior year.

What is one way you benefited from going to MRS? I feel like I am much more open-minded and tolerant of other people than I would have been had I not gone to MRS. MRS gave me a foundation of inclusion and acceptance to work from when encountering new people, especially those who I don’t particularly agree with about lifestyle choices and activities.


Name: Eva Chaitman

Age: 15

Dates attended MRS: 2000-2004

What are you doing now? Sophomore at Chatham High School, honors student, taking AP classes, on varsity track team, going to Spain in July as exchange student for junior year, 2nd year working as ski instructor at Jiminy Peak.

What is one way you benefited from going to MRS? Learned to love school/studies and exploring the world.


Name: Elena Sprague

Age: 14

Dates attended MRS: 2005-2006

What are you doing now? I am just finishing the eighth grade at Monument Valley Middle School in Great Barrington, Mass. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing in the fall – my father and I are looking at some small boarding schools.

What is one way you benefited from going to MRS? I loved Mountain Road. I loved the other students, hiking and playing in the mud.

But I had a hard time learning things, because of psychological problems that happened way before I was adopted from Ukraine when I was six. The school recommended that I go to a public school, where I could have an aide to help me. That was a real help to me, because I did much better once I had the aide. This year I don’t need her nearly as much.


Name: Jamie Chaitman

Age: 12

Dates attended MRS: 2002-2007

What are you doing now? 7th grade at Chatham Middle School, honors student, soccer, love sports, have studied saxophone for 3 yrs, part of jazz band at school, started studying piano again, like reading fantasy/sci-fi books.

What is one way you benefited from going to MRS? Learned to enjoy school/studies/reading, learned to love being outdoors.


Name: Liam Hefta

Age: 11

What are you doing now? He is currently at Albany Academies (attended MRS preschool – 1st)

What is one way you benefited from attending MRS? He says he benefited from getting to know his teachers and learning art so well.


Name: Gabriel Hefta

Age: 9 yrs

What are you doing now? He is currently at Albany Academies (attended MRS preschool – pre K)

What is one way you benefited from attending MRS? Gabe says he loved wearing slippers to school.

And, we parents say both boys learned to love learning as well as everyone and everything around them.  They were well prepared for the complexities of the wider world when they transferred to Academy in 2005-2006.

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