At Mountain Road School, we strive to keep the tuition affordable  and take pride in our efforts to increase the diversity in our school community.  All families are encouraged to apply for admission.

A current tuition schedule is available by contacting us at Families enrolling mid-year are entitled to pro-rated on bridge


Tuition can be paid annually, semi-annually (60%/40%) or monthly via TADS,  Tuition Aid Data Service. With the TADS system, you will be able to access your account online at any time.  You can make payments with your checking account or credit card or you can enroll in automatic payments.  You are also able to choose your due date.  TADS has a friendly support team that you can reach via phone or e-mail if you have any questions about your on-line account. All full-year tuition contracts begin on July 1st.

Tuition Agreement

In addition to the contract with TADS, a tuition agreement must be signed to enroll your child(ren) at Mountain Road School. The agreement includes a parent participation requirement of 20 hours/year per family or a fee of $15/hour in lieu of participation.  This volunteer time can be spent in many ways such as working on a fundraising event or special activity or completing maintenance projects around the school.

The Tuition Agreement is a legally binding contract.  Parents are obligated to pay and guarantee tuition for the full year, even if they withdraw prior to the completion of the academic year.

Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance or scholarships are based on need.  Please go to our Financial Aid page for details.


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