Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of curriculum should I expect my child to receive? Your child will receive a well-rounded education that focuses on the whole child.  The majority of the curriculum is teacher-created.  It is based on the school’s thematic focus (which changes from year to year, one year it may be water, another earth, and so on), New York and Massachusetts standards, and — most importantly — the child’s interests.  To ensure continuity in mathematics, the entire school uses the Singapore Math Curriculum.

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What are multi-age classrooms? Each classroom is comprised of children ranging in age — usually two to three years apart in each grouping.  Our groupings can change from year to year depending on enrollment and the students’ needs.  One of the benefits of the multi-age grouping is that it allows a child to be the youngest one year and the oldest the next.  We find that this helps children become both leaders and followers and also allows them to develop a variety of friendships.  Teachers loop with the children and usually teach each child for two consecutive years.

What is the size of a classroom? We believe in small classrooms and accept up to 12 children in each classroom with occasional exceptions. We believe that having 12 children or less per classroom allows children to be seen as individuals and honored as unique community members.

Are the teachers certified? Even though NY State does not require teachers to be certified in private schools, all of our classroom teachers hold master’s degrees in education..  Parents are an integral part of teacher services, and we are proud of the caring, professional educators who make up our faculty and staff.

If I can’t afford the full tuition should I still apply? Most definitely.  The Board of Directors is committed to the goal of making a Mountain Road education possible for any child and family who want to attend. Please see our Financial Aid page for more information.

Can my child attend part-time? We are able to accept homeschooling families on a part-time basis for special subjects such as art, music, Spanish, or nature.  Please see our homeschooling page for more information.

The school sounds wonderful but will be child be prepared for a different academic setting when they leave? Yes and even more so.  Traditionally children who leave Mountain Road have done exceptionally well in school whether they remain in private school, home-school or go to public school.  At Mountain Road children want to learn.  They are not only given the skills needed to succeed but also the desire for life-long learning.  They are confident in who they are as individuals and are able to speak about their feelings and ideas to their peers and adults.

I see that there is a parent participation requirement but we both work full time.  Is there a way we can still participate? Yes.  Parents who work full time definitely find ways they can participate.  The campus is open year round and there are many outdoor projects that can be completed.  Parents also can help through computer work, participating in bake sales and even by helping us spread the word about the school by hanging up posters.

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