Employment and Volunteer

Employment Opportunities

Multi-Age Classroom Teacher (2-3)
Mountain Road School is seeking an Elementary Teacher for a multi-age classroom (2nd-3rd grades) for the 2018-2019 school year. An ideal candidate will have an MS in Childhood Education and certified in NY State Grades 1-6. We will also consider a candidate with commensurate experience as well as certification in other states. Mountain Road teachers are prepared to spend time in the woods daily in support of our nature-based learning approach. Mountain Road teachers use a progressive educational philosophy. Mountain Road is a collaborative community and teachers actively participate in supporting the mission and vision of the school. As such, attendance at some evening and weekend events will be required. More information about Mountain Road School can be found at mountainroadschool.org.  Please email a resume and cover letter to Angelique Phoenix, Faculty Chair at angelique@mountainroadschool.org.  You may also apply through Indeed.com.

Apply Today

Multi-age Classroom Teacher (4-5)
We are also seeking an Elementary Teacher for a multi-age classroom (4th-5th grades) for the 2018-2019 school year.  Please see above for description.  Apply by following the link or by emailing Angelique.

Volunteer Opportunities

Would You Like to Be of  Service? Mentor a child learning to read, help out in a classroom, and assist with outdoor nature activities.  Your knowledge, encouragement, and patience can make a big difference in a child’s life.   Are you a retired person wanting to give back; thinking about a career working with young children; unemployed and looking for a meaningful experience that will also enhance your resume?  All that is needed is a love of children and learning and a few hours per week.

PLEASE CALL US   518-794-8520



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